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  • "Behind the Squares" with Muscari Blue

    "Behind the Squares"  with Muscari Blue


    This is the first in my series of interviews called “Behind the Squares”. Inspired by the recent instagram challenge ‘Meet the Maker’ I thought it would be nice to take a peek behind the beautiful styled shots we see, and get to learn a bit about who is behind them.

    To begin the series I have been chatting to Katie Russell, a super talented and experienced florist with her own business - Muscari Blue. She lives right here in the same village as me, just outside Edinburgh and has very kindly let me share a little of her story with you.



    Where did your creative journey with Muscari Blue begin?

    After having a few office jobs (which I found incredibly boring!) I began to think that I should find a career. I found myself on Telford college’s website looking in the arts and creativity section and decided I would give floristry a go! I enrolled in a full time course in city and guilds floristry - loved it! -  and passed with distinction.

    While I was doing the course I was also working in a florist in Edinburgh. Once I finished the course they asked me to stay on full time as their wedding and events florist which is when I thought, why not give it a go myself? Then Muscari blue flower studio was born!


    You have been a successful florist for long time, how has your style developed?

    I found that being employed as a florist made me adopt a very specific, modern style but once I left to start my own business and started meeting all of my engaged couples it gave me the freedom to try out lots of different styles.


    Image- Julie Tinton Photography 


    Which has been your all-time favourite wedding so far?

    My favourite wedding so far has to be my own! Although it was very tiring and slightly stressful to do my own flowers (up until 12pm on the day!!!) it was so much fun to be able to do whatever I wanted! I did find it very difficult to decide what flowers to use but I had lots of ideas that were great to be able to actually put into place.

    For example, I had Cymbidium Orchids on all of the champagne flutes and I even had an additional train made for my dress which I covered with over 250 Phalaenipsos Orchid flower heads!


    Images- Julie Tinton Photography 


    Do you have a favourite floral arrangement to design and create?

    There is no specific arrangement that I like to do more than others but I do love to do things that are a little bit different! All bridal bouquets are beautiful but I love the ones that add in a bit of something different to make it more interesting! I remember doing a bridal bouquet that had a gorgeous big artichoke right in the centre and it stole the show!



    What is your favourite flower?

    This is a very tough question! I love tropical flowers for their colours and I love Lilies for their scent but I think Orchids are my all-time favourite!

    I love that something so beautiful grows almost like a weed in the branches and roots of trees.


    What are your essential pieces of kit?

    Essentials would have to be my super strong carbon scissors ( these will cut through almost anything, including the tips of my fingers!! Ouch!), florist wire, oasis fix and stem tape. It’s also a very good idea to always carry some extra pearl pins on the day of a wedding for anyone who needs extra help attaching a corsage/buttonhole.


    Where do you begin when you get a new wedding brief?

    When a new wedding party get in touch the first thing we need to do is meet face to face - preferably - to have a wedding consultation. This where they can tell me all of their ideas and show me any photos they have seen that reflect the colours or styles they like. It helps to meet your brides/grooms to get more of an idea of the style of person they are. Sometimes when they show you an A4 sheet of photos they have collated that may not look similar there is always something that is a trend that I can see that they can’t.

    It’s also useful to hear about the other suppliers they have organised as this also gives you an idea of the style of wedding you will be working on.  


    Image- Julie Tinton Photography

    Thanks so much for talking to me Katie! I’ve found it fascinating learning about your floral journey so far.

    I absolutely adore working with fresh flowers so if you ever need a wee helper for the day then look no further!

    Pop over to Katie’s website and have a look at some of the beautiful weddings she has done



    I’ve got a few other fabulously talented creatives lined up for my “Behind the Squares’ series so keep a lookout. They are all involved in weddings in some way so may even provide you with some inspiration for your own big day!


    Thanks for reading

    Love Louise x

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