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  • To Blog or not to Blog...

    To Blog or not to Blog...

    I’ve been pondering this very question for some time…

    The benefits of blogging have been well documented, especially for a small business owner like myself. It’s scary though! Am I interesting enough? Will I think of good things to write about? Will I even manage to squeeze it in regularly to my ever increasing schedule?

    Hey Ho, what is there to lose? *Pulls on pair of big girl pants* Here goes…



     I’ve been reading a lot about the people behind small businesses whilst taking part (of a fashion) in the Instagram challenge `march meet the maker’. It is utterly fascinating and so refreshing to get to know the real people behind the styled shots of insta. This has been my real inspiration to start writing a blog. 



     It seems only fitting therefore to start by meeting this maker so hello there! I’m Louise and I am the designer, creator, owner and general dogsbody of Birch & Bloom.

    This is me with one of my mini makers, Darcy. I’m 39 and work from home near Edinburgh making my floral hoops. It’s a bit of a juggling act with 2 children but I love it and am very lucky to be able to do it. I’m always pottering away at some new idea and have just finished my own website which has been a real labour of love! 


     Back in the beginning

     The first picture shows me getting ready to go back to my job as a haematology nurse after having my first baby- this was me making her a wee bag with her name on it for her nursery peg. Seems like so long ago now!



    When I was on mat leave I became friends with 6 lovely girls and we started having craft nights for “mums night off”. The second picture shows me making the first of many wreaths at one of our nights.


     I’ve been creative ever since school and went on to study fashion and textile design. However, life got in the way and I spent a few years working as a nurse (my other passion) so we could start a family, buy a house and other grown up type things.

    After having my second baby I decided to take the plunge and start selling my wreaths and things have snowballed since then. In September 2017 Birch & Bloom was born- my third and final baby! Now my days are filled with trying to grab a few minutes here and there making up orders of floral hoops or working on new designs.



     Next for the blog

     Now that I have gotten over the fear and written my first blog post (YAY!) I am brimming with good ideas for the next few entries. Seeing as we’re about to enter into wedding season, I plan to chat to some very talented creatives in the industry about all things wedding. Look out for posts about wedding photography, exquisite wedding accessories and beautiful wedding stationery.


    Until then, thanks so much for reading!

    Louise x