DIY Wreath Kit {Harvest}

DIY Wreath Kit {Harvest}

The autumn is fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to make some seasonal updates in your home. Time to get your candles and cosy blankets out and indulge in some wreath making with our Harvest Wreath Kit. 

In your kit you will find everything you need to make your very own contemporary, half hoop wreath just like the ones we make here at Birch & Bloom.

Included is a 10 inch wooden hoop, ribbon, twine, a beautifully illustrated instruction card and our carefully curated collection of beautiful dried flowers and grasses including strawflowers, achillea, poppyheads and dried eucalyptus. 

The contents may vary slightly due to availablity but will always be of the same theme and quality.

Finish off your creation with your ribbon, hang from a pin or hook, stand back and admire!


 Caring for your dried flowers -

If cared for properly, they will last indefinitely!

Keep them away from extremes of moisture, heat and direct sunlight

Your blooms may fade slightly over time which adds to the beauty of them.


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